About Us

In our day, information has become the ultimate competitive edge amid the globalized business world, as the use of the Internet has diffused into all segments of life. Organizations collect highly specific and specialized information pertaining to their fields of engagement, starting from the day of their incorporation. This background turns into corporate building blocks for each organization, as accessibility and availability of these resources become essential.

Today, organizations are characterized not only by their employees, but also by their clients, business partners and shareholders, and it is strategically important to establish the atmosphere of trust in relation to protection, confidentiality and integrity of information. Besides preventing business continuity, security issues lead to loss of trust in the face of business partners and shareholders, and even to loss of market share. However, efforts for recovering from these losses are always more costly and more difficult than are the countermeasures to be adopted for preventing them.

Information security aims at ensuring a company’s business continuity, minimization of loss of information in case of an inevitable disaster, and protection of the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of resources, which are regarded as the building blocks of businesses, under any circumstances.

Similarly, employees’ personal computers become more and more private due to the user information stored, and the value of information to be protected increases. It becomes important to ensure that these devices are secure and available at all times, and their protection begins to be regarded not as a technology investment, but as a matter of disciplined and conscious use.

We are specialized in the protection of information that has an ever-increasing value. Through our experts, we ensure information security that increases its importance day by day, and we also provide training and auditing services.

Our primary goal is to offer solution-oriented services via our in-house team of brand-independent engineers from different backgrounds.



1998, January 1st – Lostar Bilgi Güvenliği A.Ş. was established.

1999 – Internet-Intranet Technology and Security textbook was written for Compaq EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) region, and all engineers in the region received training.

2000 – Turkey’s first-ever Information Security Management System (ISMS) Gap Analysis was conducted.

2001 – Turkey’s first-ever ISMS consultancy was offered.

Murat Lostar, our founder and CEO, has been the first recipient of the CISSP certificate in Turkey.