The global changes that took place in the sector, coupled with the transformation process in the Turkish banking system led by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), caused a redefinition of the sector and altered the business conduct of organizations. This transformation process continued with improvements, and led to increased transparency and information security level, intensified audits, and adoption of worldwide accepted IT and business continuity standards and governance models by the Turkish Banking Industry.
Increased use of technology in banking services and in internal operations of banks adds to the importance of how to achieve regulatory compliance. Each one an institution of trust, banks need to achieve self-improvement and to secure improvement of their service providers in the areas of information security, IT governance, risk management and business continuity in order to capture competitive advantage, and to sustain their existence while guaranteeing regulatory compliance amid the present world.

How we can help?

We extend the support you need on the back of our know-how derived as one of the enterprises that introduced the information security concept to the banking industry, our custom-tailored service concept and methodology.
We offer the following services at international norms, which are certified with respect to their security and quality;

  • IT and business services,
  • Risk management,
  • Service Management Processes Security,
  • Increasing speed and accessibility,
  • Services that will help with the achievement of efficient resource management.

We will evaluate your organization’s perceived weaknesses on their own merits and also in the light of the requirements imposed by applicable standards and legal obligations, and we will be happy to support you in attaining the targeted structure within the context of the headings below:

Please contact us for detailed information about our services for the banking industry.

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