Business Continuity

Business Continuity is a management system developed for quick recovery of an organization following an instance, incident or disaster that causes business disruption, and for ensuring continuity of critical business functions during disruption.
Although having originated from terrorist attacks like 9/11, the ISO 22301(BS 25999) Standard on Business Continuity does not only cover terrorism or natural disasters such as earthquakes or floods. It is a management system that helps organizations with their recovery as quickly as possible and resume their operations under any circumstance from reputation damage to any occurrence that may stop production.

ISO 22301 is applicable for all organizations, irrespective of size and sector. It is especially necessary for enterprises that are engaged in high-risk environments such as finance, telecom, insurance, healthcare and public sector, and for which continuation of operation is vital (for the organization itself, for its customers and shareholders).

ISO 22301 is developed in two parts. ISO 22313 Guidance is a standard covering the requirements necessary to be abided by organizations. ISO 22301 standard, however, covers the requirements for auditing/certification of the Business Continuity Management System that is established in line with the above requirements.

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