Coined from the term foreign exchange in English, Forex means the international market in which currencies are traded.

Revenues are generated in this market on the trading of various commodities and stocks at international stock exchange index prices, as well as various currencies. Investors do not physically possess the traded financial instruments (currency, gold, stocks), but aim to derive returns by transacting on the changes in their prices.

Various institutions engaged in the financial services industry in Turkey need to get a license from the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB) for handling Forex transactions.

According to the relevant decision of the CMB, institutions holding Forex licenses must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Institutions having online data flow need to take necessary measures for uninterrupted operation of the information infrastructure,
  • Process documentation,
  • Network security,
  • Implement separation of tasks and change management in the information infrastructure,
  • Identify automated alerts to be produced and records to be stored in the information infrastructure and log them,
  • Have the penetration test performed,
  • Efficiently manage outsourcing.

How we can help?

Our services portfolio provides the requirements imposed by the CMB on institutions holding Forex license. We possess the capability to deliver the relevant service in the most fitting manner.

Throughout the process, we will be standing by you as your closest and frankest supporter to help you be an eligible Forex brokerage firm. The services we will offer can be listed as follows:

Please contact us for detailed information about our services for the Forex industry.

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