Privacy Policy

When you transfer us your personal and corporate informations ( from now on referred as private information) it includes all the necessary information for us to identify your company and your id or your contact information.

LOSTAR.COM will not store the private information of it’s members who shared their private information. LOSTAR.COM will only use and store these informations for announcements or statistical analysis and will not share with 3rd parties.

LOSTAR.COM promises to keep the continuity of privacy and hide any private informations safe and secure from 3rd parties and from unauthorised access. We pledge our due diligence for securing your private information from leaking to internet and other corporations.

LOSTAR.COM obligated to share information with official places by laws. LOSTAR.COM is authorised to share private information If the official request made appropriate by the laws.

In order to detection and solve possible problems in the system, if necessary LOSTAR.COM may detect IP addresses and use them as identification of users or to collect comprehensive demographic information.

LOSTAR.COM may use a text-based technical communication file called cookie that contains information about the users’ usage of the website. Usually browsers designed to accept these files directly but users can change the settings of their browser to not accept these cookies or alert when they are sent if wanted by the user.

The information provided by users in the periodic survey done through LOSTAR.COM, may be used after informing the user by LOSTAR.COM or it’s affiliates.

LOSTAR.COM can change this privacy policy whenever it wants by publishing it via website. The changed privacy policy takes effects after it is published in the website.