BS 25777:2008 Information and Communications Technology Continuity Management

Course Description

Do you have a plan for a possible crash of your computer system?
How critical are Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) for your business?
Can you carry on with your business without Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)?

Today, processes related to product and service delivery rely on information and communications technologies in many organizations.

Interruptions in ICT may, therefore, create a major risk for your organization, hamper its reputation and injure its business conduct capability. The outcomes of these damaging incidents vary and may become extensive for an organization. When such incidents first occur, it may not be immediately evident that action needs to be taken. What measure should you take in such a situation?

BS 25777 Standard will help you with the planning and implementation of the ICT Continuity Strategy in your organization.

As Lostar Academy, we have designed a training program that will communicate the requirements of the standard on the basis of practice.

Who Should Attend

Information System managers, individuals/managers responsible for Risk Management and Business Continuity


Benefits for your organization will include the following:

  • Understanding the vulnerability of ICT services and the threats
  • Defining the potential impact resulting from the interruption of ICT services
  • Contribution to the creation of harmony between internal and external ICT service providers and executives; helping with the furtherance of the existing harmony
  • Ensuring optimum costs of ICT services
  • Supporting the development and enriching the competencies of the ICT personnel able to duly respond to the implementation of ICT continuity plans, and to testing of ICT continuity arrangements
  • Providing assurance to the senior management that due support and communication will be provided in case of an interruption depending on predetermined levels of ICT services
  • Ensuring additional confidentiality of Business Continuity strategies related to investments in ICT solutions
  • Helping stakeholders understand the relations of ICT services and how to use them

BS 25777 provides recommendations for ICT continuity management under the ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System.

Training Outline

  • Introduction
  • Scope and target of the training
  • Terminology and definitions
  • ICT Continuity program management
  • Understanding the ICT requirements for Business Continuity
  • Defining ICT Continuity strategies
  • Developing and implementing ICT strategies
  • Testing the ICT across the organization
  • Reviewing and improving ICT
  • Appendices: Group work will be carried out on the basis of case studies during the training

Training Duration

2 Days