Business Continuity Audit

An effective internal audit function is essential to mitigate risks without being exposed to unpleasant surprises and to ensure continued compliance with the ISO 22301 (BS 25999) standard. With our ISO 22301 Internal Audit services, we can help you with “how” these can be done. We can provide guidance about how to establish an internal audit function if you do not have one; if you have an internal audit function, we can help increase the added value contributed by internal audit to the organization by enhancing the quality of the work produced.

Our services to companies that do not have an internal audit function are as follows:

  • Increase the effect and productivity of operations
  • Create a reliable risk management and control infrastructure
  • Establish the internal audit function

Our services to companies having already an internal audit function in place are as follows:

  • Increase the performance of the existing internal audit function
  • Provide information flow from Lostar professional consultants to employees designated by the organization


  • Prevent losses that might result from vulnerabilities arising from nonconformities
  • Determine your business continuity roadmap through assessment of your business continuity activities by objective experts

How We Work

  • Kontrol hedeflerinin, kontrollerin, süreçlerin ihtiyaçlara uygunluğunun araştırılması
  • Uygunsuzluklar ve nedenlerinin belirlenmesi
  • Düzeltici, önleyici faaliyetleri belirleme
  • Sonuç raporu ve sunum


  • Management of information security risks as a result of constant improvement of ISMS upon enforcement of preventive and detective actions

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