Business Continuity Gap Analysis

Business continuity aims at saving predetermined critical data and allocating selected functions among business recovery teams, successful management of the crisis and keeping the organization going based on the emergency response plan implemented at the time of a crisis. You need to conduct a Gap Analysis to get information about the current status of business continuity efforts and to capture the roadmap to be pursued during these activities.

As Lostar experts, we will evaluate your enterprise business continuity efforts in their own accord and in the light of the requirements set forth by ISO 22301 standard, and manifest the differences between the targeted situation versus the baseline using Business Continuity Gap Analysis, and present suggested improvements. Based on the report resulting from this service, you can examine the steps to be taken for business continuity efforts, responsibilities of individuals, time to be allocated and the project plan.


  • Provides a realistic and objective overview of the current status of your business continuity initiatives
  • Produces a roadmap for next steps to be taken in relation to business continuity
  • Establishes the knowledge, preparedness and efficiency of your employees working on business continuity

How We Work

  • Explore the extent at which business continuity plans meet company targets and the requirements stipulated by ISO 22301 standard
  • Determine the action steps for hitches and important risks
  • Produce a conclusion report and make a presentation


  • The arrangements that will guarantee that the organization’s critical processes are not hindered by minor crises or major disasters will be in operation.

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