Business Continuity Management System Consultancy

Two fundamental principles, i.e. “sustain the services despite an unplanned hitch” and “reconfigure the systems following the hitch”, are compulsory for Operational Continuity.

If you do not have business continuity plans or if you do not properly structure and run your plans, then you are vulnerable to risks of business interruption, market and client loss, and brand image and financial loss. Business Continuity Plans cover not only emergencies, but also the regulation and improvement of day-to-day operations.

Within the scope of the Business Continuity Management System Consultancy we perform at Lostar, we aim to provide the support the organization needs during the planning and realization of improvement projects in view of the outputs from the Gap Analysis and their integration into the corporate culture. In other words, we support the establishment of a management system that will enable continuity of reputation, brand and activities by identifying the potential incidents that threaten your organization and their impact.


  • Reduce risks resulting from recovery times
  • Ensure compliance with international guidelines and regulations
  • Lower cost of sustaining, recovery and restructuring

How we work?

  • Analysis of the enterprise and its organizational structure, business impact and risk analysis
  • Determine Business Continuity Strategies
  • Plan and Process development
  • Applicability test
  • Business Continuity Awareness program


  • Critical business processes
  • Business Continuity Strategy
  • Disaster Recovery Plan and Process
  • Prepare crisis management plans
  • Backup, recovery and implementation scenarios for possible losses
  • Crisis Documentation
  • Prepare the setting for recovery using Backup Systems, and test the Backup Systems

Key words: Business Continuity Management System, Business Continuity