Computer Forensics and eDiscovery

Course Description

Techniques for examining computer crimes.

Who Should Attend

Information Processing Managers, Internal Auditors, Lawyers, Judges, Public Prosecutors, Members of the Police Force and Gendarmerie


Participants will learn about what they can do against potential internal and/or external improper use and damages through technical solutions, and become familiar with the tools that can be used.

Training Outline

  • Introduction to Computer Forensics
  • What is Computer Forensics?
  • Who performs Computer Forensics examination?
  • In which cases should a Computer Forensics examination be performed?
  • Computer Crimes
  • Types of computer crimes
  • Methods of computer crimes
  • Measures against computer crimes
  • Digital Evidence
  • Data storage on digital media
  • Types of digital media
  • Obtaining digital evidence
  • Tools of computer forensics
  • Examining digital evidence
  • Preserving digital evidence

Training Duration

1 Day