ISO 22301 Business Continuity Implementation

Course Description

ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management System is a management system standard designed to help an organization recover and resume its operations following any disaster(s) that causes interruption in all sorts of business activities of the organization. ISO 22301 covers the principles that will instill the perspective enabling the right decisions about action steps in case of such a disaster, which might be a natural disaster like earthquake or flood, and/or mass food poisoning in the workplace, and/or defamation.
Training participants will acquire overall knowledge about concepts in relation to ISO 22301 Implementation Requirements and about the phases of an effective Business Continuity Management System on the basis of group works to be carried out.

Who Should Attend

Business Continuity Managers, Risk Department Managers, Facility Managers, Other Management System Managers/Officers


Following the training, participants will have knowledge about ISO 22301 requirements in their organizations, and be able to describe and implement the six steps of Business Continuity. On the basis of group works, they will have knowledge about Business Continuity Practices, and be able to use their knowledge for the planning, establishment and implementation phases of the Business Continuity Management System in their organizations.

Necessary Background

Participants are recommended to familiarize themselves with ISO 22301, BS 25999-1 and BS-25999-2 standards before the training.

Training Duration

3 days