ISO 27001 Audit

According to Article 6 of ISO/IEC 27001, it is obligatory to conduct ISMS Internal Audits. ISMS audits are performed to establish whether an organization’s control targets, controls, procedures and processes fulfill the defined security requirements and whether they are compliant with the legal regulations in force. ISMS audits also exhibit whether controls have been efficiently realized, and control targets, controls, procedures and processes worked to expectations.

ISMS should be regularly reviewed and audited in order to establish and assess whether it is still valid and whether it provides information security at the targeted level.

The ISMS Internal Audits conducted by Lostar experts audit the compliance of your Information Security Management System to the ISO 27001 Standard. With these audits, we aim to preserve the currency and efficiency of ISMS, to keep under control the management of your organization’s risk exposure, and to prevent the damages that might result from loss of any information. This way, you can rest assured that your ISMS is being implemented and constantly improved.


  • Ensure continued investment into Information Security Management System
  • Prevent potential losses that might result from vulnerabilities arising from nonconformities
  • Measure efficiency of ISMS activities

How We Work

  • Investigate the alignment of control targets, controls and processes with the needs
  • Determine nonconformities and their reasons
  • Identify corrective and preventive actions
  • Conclusion report and presentation


  • Effective ISMS
  • Achieve compliance with ISO 27001
  • Improvement works for your ISMS

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