ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

How far are you from your information security targets?

You can get detailed information about the current status of your organization’s efforts in relation to information security through the ISMS Gap Analysis conducted by Lostar experts. As it audits both the process-related and technological information security infrastructure of your organization, Gap Analysis allows a realistic and objective overview.

Using the results from Gap Analysis, you can steer your information security initiatives, and reach your goals at the optimum cost, in the most efficient manner. Information security Gap Analysis is essential for organizations seeking to carry out an efficient, quick and low-cost information security initiative.


  • Provides a realistic and objective overview of the current status of your information security initiatives
  • Produces a roadmap for next steps to be taken in relation to information security efforts
  • Checks the efficiency of your employees working on information security

How We Work

  • Determine the standards with which compliance is sought
  • Define corporate goals
  • Gather information about the baseline through interviews, questionnaires, document review, and examination of the process structure and technological structure
  • Prepare the baseline report on the basis of expert analysis
  • Establish the differences between the baseline and the target
  • Set the path to be pursued: to do list, project plan, milestones, team workforce, determine cost of work and timeline, report production
  • Present the report to the management


  • Gap Analysis Report
  • Information security roadmap

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