IT Disaster Recovery Process Consultancy

What have you done to survive a disaster?

At the time of an incident or damage that may render all your existing control mechanisms useless, you will need to quickly respond to the incident in a structured manner, using pre-developed plans that take into consideration media handling, your legal obligations, the public opinion, your clients and shareholders. A Disaster Recovery Plan is intended to minimize the risks and to continue business with the least impact even if risks occur, as well as to recover what is left after risks occur.
As LOSTAR experts, we address the plans that can be implemented by your organization in case of a disaster and similar incidents within the frame of IT Disaster Recovery Process Consultancy. We review the critical factors that need to be paid attention to for successful business continuity planning, infrastructure creation and management.


  • Ensures acting within the frame of a specific Disaster Recovery Process following an unexpected disaster and keeps your organization unaffected by this disaster
  • Formulation and practicability of the process guarantees the continuity of your organization’s reputation, brand and operations
  • Being ready for disasters sharpens your competitive edge

How We Work

  • Determine the most fitting approach to get the work back on track
  • Identify and prepare alternative business conduct method and ways
  • Document critical systems and develop restructuring plans
  • Determine the enforcement procedure for the disaster recovery process
  • Designate the responsible team and the responsibilities and duties assigned to each one


  • Critical work processes
  • Disaster Recovery Plan and Process
  • Identify the duties and responsibilities of Disaster Recovery Team

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