IT Governance Consultancy

If the impact of IT services in your organization is of a size magnitude cannot be neglected, then it is just the time to increase the performance of these services and measure their benefits.
Organizations’ dependence on Information Technology to attain targets and to fulfill business needs grows by the day. Those organizations that recognize this dependence consciously support maximizing the quality of IT Services, and employ all sorts of supports and tools to increase the performance to be derived from IT Services.
COBIT defines the requirements for bringing IT goals and targets together with business goals and targets in a quantifiable and auditable manner. A measurement and assessment mechanism focused on process audit and having a holistic approach provides an effective enterprise governance tool. It is an IT governance framework with approved compliance in the EU legislation.
ITIL describes the IT processes that support business targets and formulates how these targets will be achieved.
ISO 20000 addresses IT organizations that need to deliver operational excellence. It specifies the requirements that serve to certify the continuity and permanence of the structure established. These requirements determine the basic level of services provided by suppliers.
ISO 20000 aims to set up and certify the IT Service Management that is driven by men but works independently from men. It guarantees the permanence of the new structure established, once the ITIL and IT Governance framework have been implemented. COBIT, on the other hand, is the optimum choice to be selected from among IT Governance frameworks.
The objective of ITIL / COBIT / ISO 20000 Consultancy we offer as LOSTAR experts is to enhance the quality of your IT Services and to maximize the satisfaction of recipients of these services (ITIL); optimally support your business goals by maximizing the benefits drawn from information technologies when doing that (COBIT); ensure certification of the maturity level reached in IT Service Management (ISO 20000) and thus, take you ahead of your competition in terms of reliability and service quality.


  • Improved internal audit system and risk management
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and their measurability
  • Cost reduction owing to synergetic effect and to use of optimized IT resource
  • Security- and quality-certified IT Services through employment of international standards
  • Increased trust in Information Technologies

How We Work

  • Analyze the structure of the organization and of the IT Service
  • Identify the strategy and targets
  • Establish the differences between the baseline and the targets
  • Use the Service Strategy phase to determine what is necessary and what for
  • Use Service Design to determine how the Strategy will be realized
  • Develop and document Service Management and Provision processes
  • Identify process owners and their duties
  • Determine and document controls that will support achievement of business and process targets
  • Implement and enforce controls
  • Examine compliance with the standard and prepare for certification


  • Quick achievement of business targets through enforcement of measurable and auditable Service Management and Provision processes
  • Easy communication of the intent and permanence to parties related with the ISO 20000 Certification

Key words: IT Governance, ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000, Information Technologies Governance