IT Governance Gap Analysis

You are planning IT Governance structuring but do not know where to start?

Before initiating IT Governance structuring, Lostar experts will conduct a Gap Analysis and provide detailed information on your organization’s business goals, IT services and processes and the current status of their integration. A realistic and objective report will be produced based on the analysis. This will allow you to examine the steps to be implemented for IT governance efforts, individuals’ responsibilities, the timeline, and the project plan so as to steer your investments.


  • Manifests the baseline in a realistic and objective manner
  • Aims to draw a roadmap for next steps

How We Work

  • Determine the standards with which compliance is sought
  • Define corporate goals
  • Gather information about the baseline through interviews, questionnaires, document review, and examination of the process structure and technological structure
  • Prepare the baseline report on the basis of expert analysis
  • Establish the differences between the baseline and the target
  • Set the path to be pursued for building an IT Governance structure (to do list, project plan, milestones, team workforce, determine cost of work and timeline, report production)
  • Present the report to the management


  • Gap Analysis Report
  • IT Governance structuring roadmap

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