ITIL/COBIT/ISO 20000 Audit

Organizations use information, and therefore, information technologies, in making better and faster decisions, as well as in real-time operation.

An effective internal audit function is essential for ensuring compliance and permanence of an organization’s IT processes to predetermined frameworks. Unaudited processes and controls lose their validity or move away from supporting the targets, and become idle. Regularly auditing the processes and their support to targets, and their adaptation to new situations are important factors for business success.

Our ITIL/COBIT/ISO 20000 Internal Audit consultancy and support services determine the compliance of ITIL and COBIT processes in place with the frameworks, bring suggested corrections upon establishment of differences, and put them into use. With our Internal Audit services, we can help you with “how” these can be done, and provide guidance to firms that do not have an internal audit function; if there is already an internal audit function in place, then we can help increase the added value contributed by internal audit to the organization by shortening the duration, reducing the costs, and enhancing the quality of the work produced and of the audit.


  • By auditing the compliance of information technologies, it is reviewed whether business targets and processes support the targets.
  • Revelation of discrepancies, exploration of causes, and determination of corrective and preventive actions ensure permanent compliance.
  • Awareness is enhanced, which hinders unnecessary costs and provides optimal allocation of the workforce to the optimal places.

How We Work

  • Determine Audit Goals
  • Prepare the Audit Plan
  • Gather information, conduct analysis of the organization and its IT structure
  • Identify critical processes and controls
  • Examine controls and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Reporting


  • Allocate the workforce optimally to the optimum spots
  • Guarantee that IT services run according to plans
  • Put corrective and preventive actions into life
  • Continuity of ITIL/COBIT compliance

Key words: ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000, Internal Audit