Wireless Network Security Workshop

Course Description

The training is about the attacks on the highly-commonly used wireless local area networks (Wi-Fi) and on countermeasures to render these networks secure. During the workshop, wireless networks will be set up, their security will be breached, and the necessary security measures will be carried out in practice.

Who Should Attend

System and Network Administrators – IT Department Managers


Training participants will receive information about the kinds of potential attacks on wireless local area networks (Wi-Fi), things that can be done against these attacks, and the kind of measures that can be adopted on the basis of case studies and practical work.

Training Structure

  • Demo: Wi-Fi hacking
  • Basic Security Concepts
  • Wi-Fi Standards
  • Wi-Fi Security Vulnerabilities and Attack Methods
  • Key Security Measures in Wi-Fi Networks
  • Authentication and Encryption
  • Network Design

Training Duration

2 days